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Tamil Medicine Online

Tamil Medicines Or Tamil Paarambariya Maruthuvam is an ancient healthful system has yielded us a large range of unused information regarding ancient medicines.In Tamil Medicine, NMK Online mainly focuses on plant species used by the tribal people of Tamil Nadu for their primary healthcare needs.We can see that for most of this period, humans had no different source of drugs than plants, either fresh or dried. Various lines of evidence indicate that medicinal plants represent the oldest and most widespread sort of medication. Ancient medical information is important not just for its potential contribution to drug development and market values, however additionally for the people’s health care.

Tamil Medicine Online at NMK Online

We have the Huge Tamil history and obviously the best Siddhars of our Tamil conducted all type of surgeries in previous era. There were lakhs of Herbs in Tamilnadu which took very important part in our day to day life. Due to modernization and technology advancement of Allopathic we became negligent in our precious treasures and hence many of the Herbs are in the brink of devastation. Luckily most of them are still available in nature by God's grace. Among 1000s of Our Tamil Herbs if we know the knowledge of at least 30 herbs we can avoid 95% of human diseases forever.

Our prestigious Siddha Vaithiyam too got technical advancements and invented capsules and syrups keeping the appropriate herb as the base ingredient. Unlike the Allopathic medicines our Tamil Medicines not only work to cure the diseases but also helps to keep off the illness permanently.

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