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About Us

Evergreen Eco Farms Private Limited has ventured into online commerce with an aspiration to revive our wild crops (Herbs) of our soil. It is a food crops to wild crops transformation for a decades old Evergreen Eco Farms Private Limited with a launch of It is a noble attempt to take our pure & precious Indian herbs across nations.

Ancient way of living with ‘food as medicine’ is blessed way for mankind compared to the modern days ‘medicine as food’ lifestyle. Our initiative is to spread the goodness of our ancient herbs/plants that could do wonders to our world beings. Our online shop will bring our Tamil ancient herbs in Raw/Dry/Powdered form to doorsteps. Thousands of herbs with description at your service on card.

We bring authentic ‘Homam’ packages to your home to add colors to every rituals that takes place at your living room.

Doing justice to our motto “Revival of Our Heritage”, we are privileged to bring back all our traditional games like “Thayam, , Aadupuli aatam, Paramapadam, Palanguzhi, kattam vilayattu, and many more. No wonders, how our forefathers were excelling in Mathematics, Analytics, Planning, Dynamic thinking, Memory power, Motoring skills, etc even during pre-coaching classes era ;-). Let us bring back our traditional games to pull our children out of brain killing indoor engagements.

This initiative is been taken to provide Pure and precious Indian Herbs to all around the world for the needy. Concerning Herbs, You name it, We have it.